Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Twenty Ten

This year, at Lilly's school they said no Halloween costumes until after lunch.  But you can come help them get ready at 12:20.  And then come back again for the Halloween parade at 1:00,  and then come pick them up at 2:00.  Yes, it was as miserable as it sounds...mostly for Max, who wasn't feeling well. But at least I didn't have Giardia  this year and it wasn't snowing and 20 degrees like last year.

Anyways, here is Lilly in her classroom in her black cat costume.  Which, as I was waiting in the lunchroom for the Halloween Parade to start, realized that I never painted her 'cat nose'.  It's a good thing she didn't realize.

 Then after all that waiting, I din't even get a very good picture of her.   Only a blurry 'back' picture.
 Here is Lilly (black cat, with nose I might add), Max ( a ninja, which he has worn every day for the last month) and me ( Morticia Addams)

 Jarrett was Jon (from the TV show Delocated) it's pretty funny and worth checking out.

     Amelia (She was the vampire from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and I.  She did a good job with her costume.

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