Sunday, October 3, 2010

From Old to New times 2!

I was feeling very ambitious today for some reason (Max waking up at 6am might have had something to do with it.) So I decided to make Lilly some new things...with her old things and I must say I am quite pleased with the results, in fact I could wipe the smile off my face all day!
Here's the first one. Started as a tank top and skirt.

First I cut the shorts out of the skirt.

Then I cut the legs apart.

Then I shaped the legs, into sleeve shapes.

Then I pleated them at the top and sewed them into the tank top.

Next I cut the waist band off the skirt (It was way to tight with it on),  and then sewed it to the shirt.

Here it is pinned together.

Here is the outcome! Yes that is the waist band in her hair (her idea not mine, although it is a good one.)
Now on to the next project. She has this Nightmare before Christmas shirt that she just adores and it is getting to short for her and it is about 2 sizes too wide  and I had an orange pillowcase from Max's pumpkin Halloween costume from last year.
I knew I wanted to put a bow on it so I had some scrap material left over from another project and I cut it out..

Sewed the sides

turned it right side out and pinned the top together (with the top folded in)

Here is the pillowcase and shirt

Turned the shirt inside out and took the sides in and then trimmed off the extra.

Next, I cut the casing off the pillowcase

pinned it onto the bottom of the shirt for a waistband,

Then, I pinned pleats into a portion of pillowcase for the skirt

Here is a close up of the pinned pleats.

Sewed it all together and hotglued the bow on. You can't really see the bow in this picture.

I made her turn sidewise and put her arms out, so I could get the bow in!!!!

And there you have it "From old to New times 2!


  1. Wow! You are so talented! I love both of these. I always have tons of things I want to sew and put them aside because I'm really a terrible sewer! Good job!

  2. Thank you Kristy! It was lots of fun! More to come, I hope!