Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Sketches

I realized too late on Sunday to want to do anything so I waited until this afternoon when things calmed down to do a quick sketch.  I'm a little (okay a lot) rusty at drawing people...especially ones that are constantly moving.  In High School and college I was able to do 1 minute quick thumb nail sketches of people and then make a finished drawing from it.  But that was like 14 years ago.  I'd like to do a quick drawing everyday of the kids or things we are doing, to make a journal of sorts.  But anyways.  So I sketched this picture of the kids while they were watching a movie. Toy Story. It's not by any means a finished drawing.  It's not to scale and Lilly and Max weren't sitting that close.  Max was on the floor and Lilly was on the couch.  I also drew a few of the toys that were laying around.  Woody and a piggy bank.

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