Sunday, March 6, 2011

So sketches are a go.......SUNDAY SKETCHES

 Lilly and I drew pictures of each other.  This is obviously Lilly.


 Max used to only draw Monster Trucks, but now that he's learning his letters and numbers he's pretty much obsessed with it.  He practices ALL the time.  Pointing out all the letter and numbers....EVERYWHERE!
I'm going to brag now, but it IS my blog and that's what it's for right!? Bragging?
Max knows ALL of his uppercase and lowercase letters and the sounds they make.  And he can recognize them just by sound.  Like if I said what letter makes the "mmm" sound or "sss" sound and he can tell me which one it is.  He can even look at this
D d e
And figure out which one doesn't belong.   What makes this so incredible is the fact that he wasn't even talking a year ago.  There is a really great website called STARFALL. Just click on the ABC part for smaller kids and there are other options for older kids.

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  1. Love the sketches! Blogs are totally about bragging about your kids! I do it all the time, so brag away. Smart Max!