Sunday, March 20, 2011

What we've been up to

So pretty much this entire weekend was spent painting the office and putting together new office furniture.  Remember back to that post where I was drawing our  office with "to scale" furniture and room?  Well here is the new and improved office, minus a before picture of how it was arranged, with our old desk:(

Here are the old walls.  This was Lilly's room once upon a time and so it was ...purple!

 Waterscape is the new color and I love it!

Here is the new arrangement.  I'm still going to be getting ALOT of shelving but I need to "live" with the office like this for a while  before I can decide where the shelves will be.
 I wanted to keep this BIG table so I can spread out and paint still.  I like that we can now access 3 sides of the table.  (It was up against a wall before and we only had one long side accessible.)
We also got little stools for the kids from Ikea that slide completely under the table, to free up more space when they aren't in use.

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