Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recycled Outfit Part II

Since I had so much fun making Max's little outfit, I thought I'd make one for Lilly too. Once again I used an old T'shirt of mine.  I  patterned it after a similar dress that Lilly already has, but has a zipper in the back.  I got the inspiration for the tie part HERE.
Old T-Shirt (from a friends band)

 I laid the dress I was patterning after, on top of the T-shirt, and cut through both layers of T-shirt.  I also cut off the existing ribbing on the neck of the shirt.

 I used the leftovers of Max's gray shirt from his  Recycled Outfit and made the neck and tie part.

 Cut out flannel and felt hearts in all different colors and glued them on with Fabri-Tac.  (Best thing ever I might add.)

 Here's my little cutie modeling the dress with really bad morning hair.  Perfect for summer.  The dress...not the hair.  Okay, Maybe the hair too.

 Or pair it with a T- shirt and tights for winter.


  1. holy talent! I just stumbled upon your blog and it's love at first sight. You have talent, lady!

    I'm doing a Peace Republic Clothing giveaway!


  2. Thank you for your lovely compliment. It made my day :)