Monday, April 18, 2011

Radishes and Carrots

I'm actually a little late with this one.  Radishes and Carrots are good to go in the garden now.  They both get planted 16 to a square foot.  So 4 rows of 4.   I usually plant 8 (of each) and then wait  2 weeks and then plant the other 8.  I don't like having 16 vegetables to hurry and find something to do with before they go bad.
Carrots take a while to germinate.  So don't be alarmed when they haven't sprouted and the radishes have.  Just keep watering them and as with ALL seeds: don't let the soil dry out until after they've sprouted.  Seeds HAVE to remain moist or they won't sprout!   Plant Radishes 1/2 inch down and they sprout in 3-7 days and mature in 3-4 weeks.  Plant carrot seeds 1/4 inch down and they sprout in 10-17 days.  Pick carrots when they are fingerlike size for the best texture and flavor.   In about another month and a half or so you'll have a salad ready in your garden with the carrots, lettuce and radishes and the peas won't be far behind!
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