Monday, April 18, 2011

Layered Jell-O

This recipe is super easy.  It's a little time consuming, but it's always a big hit.  Plus you can change out the colors  and flavors to fit any occasion.  I'll give the original recipe with it's original colors and flavors.

2 pkgs. lime jello
2 pkgs. lemon jello
2 pkgs. orange
2pkgs. strawberry
2 can evaporated milk
1 container whipped topping

1)  Dissolve lime jello in ( a separate bowl) in 3/4 C hot water.
2)  Add 3/4 C cold water
3  Pour in a large pan 9x13
4)  After about an hour your ready for the next layer.  Mix the second package of lime jello (In the separate                    bowl) with 3/4 C hot water.
5)  Then add 3/4 C  Evaporated milk (if you put the cans of evaporated milk in the fridge so they are cold,    the jello will set up faster.)
6)  Pour this on top of the first layer.  IMMEDIATELY.  Don't wait for the jello to cool off.  You want it to    be warm so it kinda melts the first layer slightly,that's what makes them stick together.
7)  Continue with the other packages of jello.  The last one will be REALLY close to top.
8)  Top with Whipped topping of your choice.


After about the 3rd layer you only need to wait about 30 minutes between layers.  They set up pretty quick because the lower layers are cold.
Also, don't wait too long between layers.  Meaning, if you start the jell-o the night before and then let it sit overnight between layers 4 and 5, it will separate from each other, right at those layers when you dish it up.  So if you don't want it sliding all over the place when your dishing it up, try and do it all in one day and don't wait more than 2 hours between layers.  Try and do the next layer right when the one before it is set.  ( You can see in the photo I did the first layer (yellow) the night before. It's separated)

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