Saturday, April 2, 2011

Before and After

We had a busy, busy, busy weekend.  On Friday, I tore up and out, all our stepping stone sidewalk and surrounding grass.  The stepping stones were never meant to be in long.  They were kind of a "quick fix", until we could afford something better, or have more time to do something better.  I put the stepping stones in when Max was about 2 months old.  It was October or November.  I was NOT going another winter without some sort of walk way to the front door.

 It took 8+ hours. To tear these babies out.  Then I smoothed and leveled out the dirt.  When Jarrett came home from work around 7:15pm., we had my Mom come over (thank you,thank you, thank you Mom) and watch the kids so we could go to the home improvement store and buy sand and concrete.   27 bags in fact.  The mud flaps on the truck were dragging all the way home.
Here's the dirt:  Looking better already!

Here's the pile O' grass.

Saturday morning we got started early and started pouring concrete.  It's actually really easy and fun. About 2 years ago, when we poured the concrete for part of our driveway, we bought a European block form from Quikrete.  HERE is their site.  Anyways we worked probably 8+ hours today on it.  It went faster than I thought and looks great!  Now it's covered with tarps, at least for the next 4 or 5 days.  Then we'll fill in the joints with sand and back fill with dirt.  I'm so excited to finally have a sidewalk!  It is slightly crooked up top but it adds least that's what I keep telling myself.  Can't change it now anyway.


  1. This looks great! Good job doing it yourself!

  2. NICE!! It looks great!! I need to have you come over and help me get a garden going, and help me with digging up and preparing along the back of my house for some edging and maybe some small plants/bushes because I have NO clue where to start, what to use, and how to get it done. :/

  3. I would love to help you! Just tell me when:)