Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easy Spring Skirts with Elastic Top

These skirts are super easy.  Like less than an hour easy. Here's how:

1) Take your waist measurement and add 16 to that.  Thats how wide your fabric needs to be.  (You need the extra so it gathers).  Then make it as long as you want but make sure to add an extra 5-6 inches (depending on elastic width) for casing and hem.

So for example, My waist is 28 inches so I add that by 16 and I get 44".
 Then I measured from my waist to my knees and got 22" but I added 4" for the elastic casing and and an inch for the hem. so 27".
If in doubt, always do more.  You can cut some off but you can't add more.  Well you can, just in the form of ruffles or patchwork.

If your fabric isn't  wide enough ( the 44" ways)  You can fold your fabric in half and have two pieces that are 22" inches each.  You'd then have a seam on both sides instead of on just one.

2)  Sew the side (s) together.   With right sides together.

3)  Hem, by either serging the end and then folding up, zig zag and fold up or fold up 1/4 inch and then again 1/2 inch.

4)  Make elastic casing by folding down fabric to fit the width of elastic you've got, and sew leaving an opening of about 2 inches or so.  To thread the elastic thru.

5) For elastic I measure my waist and cut it at that length.  I know most people add an inch, but whenever I've done that, It ends up being too loose.  I like my elastic to be snug around my waist.

6) Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and thread through the casing and then I usually safety pin the two ends together and try it on.  Then I sew them together (Make sure the elastic isn't twisted before you sew.)

7) Then sew your 2 inch opening closed and you are done!

You can add any other things to your skirt like rick rack, pockets, bias tape, buttons, ruffles, lace whatever fits your fancy!

I added left over bias tape to the bottom of mine.


  1. this is darling! I wish I could do this...but I KNOW it would probably end up as a pillow case in the long run. So cute!!