Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday Morning

We have a tradition that we started when Lilly was very young, maybe 2 or 3 where we decorate the living room with crepe paper and fill the living room floor with balloons the night before the kids birthdays.

 First thing in the morning

Lilly has always been a hard person to shop for.  She does not like super girly all.  She refuses to even go down the girl toy aisles at the store.  She has never liked dolls.  Even when she was a baby.  We bought her a doll for Christmas one year and she never played with it....EVER.  She does like pink, but that's as girly as she gets.  Which is fine with me, because I was always tom boyish too.  I remember one year for Christmas, my grandma got all the boy grandchildren remote control cars.  (I had 5 boy cousins and one girl cousin.)  I don't remember what I got but I remember  I did not like it.  I cried because I wanted a car.  So I wouldn't even know what to do with a girly girl.  We always take Lilly to the store and write down the things she wants and then go back after and choose like 5 things that she wants the most.  It makes it easy for us and easy for Grandma and aunts to shop for her too.  For her birthday Lilly got:

A globe
A Skelanimal kitty
BabyMouse Mad Scientist
Marvel comic character guide
DC Comic Character guide
A watch
New Dry Erase markers for her white board
Pokemon cards
She really wanted a Video Spy Watch but as it was pretty pricey, we decided to let Santa get it for her for Christmas.

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