Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Week of Summer Day: 4 and 5 THE CAST

 Yesterday we went to our last Scera Summer Theater Movie. The pictures of the kids and I are actually from the very first SCERA MOVIE we saw.

We also went grocery shopping and I blanched a bunch of green beans from our garden and then Lilly went to go meet her teacher and see where her room was.  Her teachers name is Miss. Cox.
Then last night I was feeling super sad for Lilly and her broken arm and guilty for not watching her at the park better and so, long story short I didn't sleep well.  Plus I needed to call first thing this morning to make her appointment for her cast and I was afraid I would sleep in and blah blah blah I wish I could turn my brain off sometimes.
So when I called (no I didn't sleep in I was up at the crack of dawn) I scheduled her for the first appointment of the day 9:10am.

Waiting to be called back
 Max's poor tooth is getting worse :(

  Here is the DR. taking off the splint.  He told her she could keep it and Lilly immediately said "oh good, now I can put it on Max and pretend he has a broken arm."  Poor Max puts up with a lot.

Putting on the "marshmallow wrap"

Racing stripes 

The pink!!!  While he was putting it on at about this point, Lilly said "That's sooooo COOL!"  The Dr. said "that's the best reaction to a cast I've ever heard!"
And to think I lost sleep feeling sad for her.  She's LOVES the cast!  She thinks it's the coolest thing ever!

Making sure her arm is straight in there.

 Trimming off the extra


It's water proof.  She can swim and shower and bathe.  The Doctor even said "if it starts to stink (cause it will) just stick the hose down there and rinse it out."
He also said 4 weeks and it's off!  Awesome!
September 16th  is the day.

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