Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Make a Mini Playhouse from a Pasta Box

 I was making a casserole this morning for a funeral and I was looking at the plastic covered window on the empty pasta box and thinking this would make a great window for a little house.  So I:

1) Drew a house shape (with chimney) on the box with a magic marker.

 Making sure to bring the house onto both sides of the box.

3) Cut out the house shape and down the side of the box closest to the back,leaving the side for flaps. Once I did this, the bottom flaps came loose from the bottom and I cut off the back entirely.
I left the bottom to use for stabilization so the house will stand on it's own.

4)  Next I cut a door (making sure to only cut 3 sides) and then bent back the door on the side that wasn't cut.  Then I place my "house" on a piece of construction paper and trace around it.

5) Decorate your house (ours is a "joker" house)

  6) Add curtains to the window by taping a small piece of fabric to the "wrong" side of the house

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