Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ripped Leggings to Punk Rock Gloves

So Lilly has wanted a pair of punk rock gloves for a while now.  You know the kind I mean?  Long up to your elbows and has the hole for the thumb but leaves the fingers exposed and just basically look awesome.  I remember when I was kid back in the 80's I wanted a pair too.  Well she came to me this morning wondering where her black shorts were to wear with her back shirt (so she could look cool.)  She takes after her mother and father.  Well I got rid of said black shorts because they were embarrassingly to tight and small.  But........
She had a pair of leggings that had holes in both knees.  So I cut the leggings into shorts (which you can sort of see in the photo below.)
Then I took the bottom part of the leggings, turned one of them inside out and sewed it thinner on the seam. turned them back right side out and kept the hole in the knee for the thumb.  It took about 1minute all together.
 We would have made 2. but we decided to wait until after the cast comes off.  Although she told me that the cast already looked like a cool THAT'S why she loves the cast so much.
Now her rock star look is complete.  She is  MY LITTLE ROCK STAR you know.  She even did her "when I grow up"report (last year) on being a rock star and took my Ramones poster to school with her.  Ha ha!  I love her.

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