Friday, August 5, 2011

Bowling Party

Every year our DENTIST hosts an end of summer Bowling Party.  The kids look forward to it every year. It was this last Wednesday.  Jarrett left work and came with us this year.  We all enjoyed a game of bowling and treats and the kids got their faces painted as usual.

checking out the score 

Max really wanted a Batman face (which was showcased on the card the lady brought) but she said she wasn't painting ANYTHING on the okay.....why did you bring it then?  So he settled for Spiderman.  He cried when I washed it off before bedtime, and when I told him we could use our Halloween makeup to paint a new one he said "okay but next time I want my whole body painted." Ha Ha!


  1. You have an awesome dentist!! And I love that Max wants his whole body painted "next time". So funny.

  2. Your kids are so gorgeous. Silly lady kids will obviously want the pic shown, like you said why did she bring it. I had to buy face paints for my middle child she wants her face painted on a regular basis. Your little ones look so darn cute with their faces painted. x