Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Week of Summer Day 2: BROKEN ARM

Today I thought it would be fun to hike up to BRIDAL VEIL FALLS and eat our lunch sitting up next to the falls.  Started out good,  Lilly was acting and feeling much better and we thought she had a sprain.  From YESTERDAY'S  fall at the park.  In fact she was even hanging with both arms on the swing set.  So we set out.

The kids were being goofy in the car and Lilly seemed alright. 

We parked in the upper falls parking lot as usual.

Walked down the trail

 About halfway up Lilly decided to "take a short-cut" and she had to hoist herself up and in so doing, had to put her weight on her arms.  She started screaming bloody murder.  She cried the rest of the way up to the falls and since the falls were still in shadows it was windy and cold and the mist from the water was giving us all goose bumps.  I made the kids eat their lunch up there because I needed to get my purse emptied out.  The trail is a little sketchy and I needed to be able to use both hands to help the kids.  (I was carrying 3 water bottles and a purse full of "lunch.")

Here's how lunch went.

See that lone car in the parking lot.  That's where we parked.  It really only took us about 20 minutes walking time to get from there (parking lot) to the falls.

We hiked down and ate our cookies in the sunshine.

  Then when we got home, we went swimming in the pool, I had filled up before we left.  Lilly was fine.  She was playing and having a good time (although not using her left arm.)  Then I guess she was feeling brave and she went under the water (maybe 3 feet) and when she used her arms to push herself back up she started screaming again and that's when I called the Doctors.  They said to bring her in.  Here she is waiting.

After a few tests (touching and moving the arm which Lilly screamed when she did) she said I'm 85% sure it's broke.  So she put Lilly in a splint and sent us to the Hospital to get X-rays done.

They called us about an hour and a half later and said "yep it's broke, both bones.  Come back on Friday for the permanent cast."  Poor thing. Now I feel terrible.  Maybe we should go to the Library tomorrow.  Or have a movie day.  Something safe.

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  1. my son had a broken collar bone after a fall when he was little...I told him to shake it off ... he stopped crying and kept playing...next day shoulder and arm dangling...broken...I felt like the worse mom in the world. Lily will remember the awesome day so much more than the broken arm!
    cheers, dana