Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Shower gifts

So I went to a baby shower this weekend for a friend.  It was a Starwars themed Baby shower.  Since we are on a tight-ish budget, I always make gifts to give to people.  It used to be really awkward for me...and it's now..... less awkward.   I guess I just get nervous because I'm not ever sure if the people will like it, or think that I'm a crazy person like "Who wants this weird homemade stuff, that looks like crap." I like homemade gifts, but that's just me.
Anyways, I felt like I "got" this friend pretty well.  Our personalities are a lot a like so I felt pretty confident in what she might like for her little guy.
I made some pin stripe pants with elastic in the back and a straight front, no pictures other than what's above.

 I made some LITTLE MAN SHOES.  I gave her two pairs because the smaller pair (without the buttons) were the first I'd ever made and they turned out much much smaller than I thought and they were slightly ...wonky?  So instead of throwing them out, I thought I'd just give them to her . 

Next up a Darth Vader shirt. 
I used freezer paper and made a stencil, used a knife blade (because I couldn't find our exacto knife) to cut out the stencil.  Then I ironed it onto the shirt and then used fabric paint and painted the stencil onto the shirt.

Lastly is an oogie boogie softie.  She loves Nightmare Before Christmas, as do I, so I knew she would like it.  Her little girl knew exactly who it was.  Success.
Max was very jealous.  I guess I'll need to make one for him.
I made him from felt and embroidery floss.


  1. Your ideas are perfect for baby shower gifts and the colors are also good and they are really adorable so please keep posting.

  2. such a cute gift!! Everything was adorable! :) I envy your craftiness.. Maybe I need to learn a few things. :)