Friday, March 30, 2012

Piggy Bank

This is a piggy bank.
Lilly made it for Max.
Max broke his a LONG time ago and I've just never gotten around to buying him a new one.
Max also broke Lilly's Piggy Bank.
But Lilly came out of her Captain Planet 4H club today carrying this contraption.
It was a "free" day and they could make whatever they wanted out of what was leftover.
She made a piggy bank for Max.
It's so sweet.
My first thought:
What is that hunk of junk? And where am I going to put it?
 Max loves it! 
He carried it all the way home, examining it all the way.
Before he went to bed, he said "I love that Piggy bank.  It's awesome!"

Lilly likes to leave her school stuff in the middle of floor when she comes home.
I count at least 5 things.
Good thing Max's silly face distracts your eye from it.
He refuses to not make a funny face.  In every picture.
Jarrett's pictures from the same age are exactly the same. Ha ha!
 It comes apart too.
Lilly is sweet.

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