Thursday, March 29, 2012

Backyard Project

I apologize for not being able to see this all from a distance, but we have a swing set in the way.  Maybe when we've moved the swing set, and the trees and bushes and flowers have got leaves I'll post some pic again.  When we rented the sod cutter  for the front yard planting area ,we cut a big long (70 ft) planting area in the backyard.   I have worked on this project 8+ hours a day all week.  My back hurts, my hands have callouses and my face is sun and wind burned, but dang!  It looks good!  I can't wait to one day finish it off!  Only about 12 more phases (years) to go.  But hopefully now we can start enjoying some shade, or at least be on our way to have some!

That's it.  All 70 feet of it.    No painting or sewing or anything this week.  But that's okay, cause this is another way I enjoy creating!  There is something very satisfying about gardening.  I love to be outside and taking care of my yard.

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