Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Good Old Days ...When We Were Young

 Sometimes I miss the good ol' days.  Not all of it.  I would never want to go back and re-live it.  I only miss parts of it.  The good times.  Summer breaks from school, that were never quite long enough.  Spending entire days outside playing baseball with my cousins, riding my bike, hiking, fishing with my dad.
Then I got older and the good times were still be had.  I was out on my own and going to shows (that is punk rock terminology for a concert.  We don't call them concerts, because that is for sell-outs... at least that's what we told ourselves,) 3 or 4 nights a week.  I was working at Arby's at the time and honestly it was pretty fun most of time.  I worked with all my best friends and we had a good time at least after the managers left.  Ha ha!  We were good kids.  We thought we were pretty "bad" but we really weren't.
The next 2 pictures are of a short lived band called The Pirates.  It was all the members from I'm with Stupid, plus Jeremy O and my Jarrett on bass.  Funny thing about the location of these photos.
It's was a 24 hour access storage unit.  They used to "practice" after everyone got off work usually starting around 12:30 or 1 in the morning.

This little guy is now 13??? Or will be this year.  Jarrett and I used to go down to St. George all the time to visit Jarrett's sister and her kids.  We also usually made a trip to Las Vegas.  We always visited a Record Store that had "cooler" stuff than what was in Orem.  
Anyways I'll probably do some more "Good Ol Days" posts with some more "old" pictures.

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