Saturday, March 10, 2012

Poor Maxy

I'm sorry if this post is gross or weird to anyone.  I'm warning you now.  I write this blog, for myself.  It gets turned into a book at the end of each year.  It's my way of keeping a family history.  This is something that happened to Max this year, so here it is.  I'll start at the beginning and give some skin history on Max.  Who knows, this information may help a descendant some day.
When Max was a baby, he was chubby.  Round little face and lots and lots of rolls on his legs and arms. He was also the sweatiest baby I've ever known.  His feet would get so sweaty just from wearing socks and sometimes even if he wasn't wearing them.  Neither of my kids could sleep in those pajamas with feet or those one piece suits that feel like they are made from a sweatshirt or fleece.  They would wake up dripping wet.   This was when they were like 2 weeks old. We had to put them in a short sleeved onsie with a light, light blanket over just their legs.  We keep our house at 65 degrees at night in the winter.  I'd always wake up and check on the kids, cause I was sure they'd be cold, nope.   Blanket kicked off and just as warm as could be.
So, when Max was about 3 months old,  he started getting red, and raw in the creases of his before said rolls.   I took him to the doctor and he said it was a fungal infection, caused from it staying sweaty and moist. So he told me to buy Lotramin OTC medicine, which is for athletes foot.  It didn't work.   Max also started getting dry patches on his arms and legs. I tried to keep him moisturized where he was dry, and dry where he was sweaty.  Without much success.
We went to the doctors one day on a totally unrelated visit and the NP who saw us, took one look at him and said "He has eczema.  Do you have a prescription medicine for him?"  Ummmm no but that would be great.  We had to use it until he was probably 2ish.  He hasn't had a problem with the red and raw or dry patches since.  (He is 4 now)
This past summer he got 2 bumps on his upper arm, just bellow the shoulder, they looked like white heads. He also got a wart on his finger that he still has.  Lilly got one when she was 3 and it just barely went away.  (She is 7)  They told us they have a life of about 3 or 4 years.  It never spread and she hasn't had another one. Neither Jarrett or I have ever had warts.
Then this fall/winter he got little bumps all over the back of his other arm and now on his cheeks.  From the information I've gathered, I believe he has Keratosis PilarisKeratosis pilaris is a common skin condition in which a protein in the skin called keratin forms hard plugs within hair follicles.  
You can click on the link there if you are so extremely interested in this and want to learn more!  
This skin condition he has, is not contagious or anything and the interesting thing is, is that it goes hand in hand with people who have eczema.  With that being said, we've found that by scrubbing the areas affected (upper arms, face, upper legs and neck) with a soapy wash cloth everyday and applying lotion it  definitely makes a difference. 
So, Max has had a few "skin problems" (can't wait for the teenage years ugg...with mine and Jarrett's acne history, the poor kid doesn't have a chance).  So I wasn't too surprised when Max had a red little bump on his booty a few weeks ago.  A few days later, he was complaining that it hurt.  Jarrett and I thought it was a zit ( because it had a white head on it) and told him to leave it alone and it would go away.  A week later it was huge!  Bigger than a quarter in size and so painful he couldn't sleep on his back in his bed.  Poor thing.  There was like this huge hard lump under his skin around it and I was terrified as to what it could be.  Max took a bath last Sunday morning and when he got out it looked like a zit still so Jarrett gently squeezed it and got as much "stuff" out of it as he could.  
I was on the internet all day trying to figure out what it could be, and a boil was what it seemed most like.  Then I read that boils can be caused by MRSA or other very resistant bacteria or cancer or other diseases that can weaken your immune system.
So Monday, I called the doctors office and talked with a nurse, who told me that "if he has a boil, they definitely, definitely want to see him" and get a "culture" of it, to see what could be causing it and make sure it isn't something serious, and if it is, get him on the right antibiotic to get rid of it.
So the picture above was while we were waiting for the doctor to come in and numb Max's bum.  He had no idea what they were about to do. I hate these doctors appointments where I have to hold him down.  When he had to get a nasal scope, was probably the worst.
So, on good note, the doctor commended Jarrett's squeezing skills and my "bathing 4 times a day and applying antibiotic anointment and bandages skills"  They got the culture and sent it in and got Max started on an antibiotic and told us we would hear back in 1 or 2 days.  This was on Monday.  By Friday I hadn't heard back and called the Doc. office and they hadn't heard back from the lab.  Friday evening at 5:30 they called me and said, "Everything came back normal." Phew.  Let's hope he doesn't get another one.
Anyways, if your still with me, I hope this didn't gross you out or is TMI. (Too much information). I warned you at the beginning.

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