Friday, March 9, 2012

Dad's and Doughnuts

 Lilly's school has a "Dad's and Doughnuts" Day once a year.  They used to have a Mom's and Muffins Day too, but not sure what happened to that.  Maybe they figure the Mom's read to the kids all the time anyway.?
So, the early birds (come to school at 8am) and the Dad's come to read to/with their daughters at 8:30 and then then the Later gators (come to school at 9:15) and their dad's come to the doughnut thing at 2:45.  The kids ONLY get a doughnut if their Dad comes.  LAME!
 Lilly is a Later Gator.  Who has a father that has no work at 2:45 in the afternoon?  Jarrett couldn't go when Lilly was in Kindergarten.  Luckily Jarrett's work is close enough to us now ( 10 minutes max) and he is pretty much free to come and go as he pleases (as long as he gets his work done) and was able to go this doughnut thing.
Lilly was really looking forward to him coming and I'm glad that he was able to go!

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  1. I keep meaning to write about how much I love Lilly's song choices for her music mix! I hope my girls have that good of taste in music. I definitely don't want to force it, but if I have to in order to keep them away from other junk, maybe I will! :)