Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am the type of person who stresses out about things.
I come from a long line of "stresser outers"
I wish there was some magical cure or switch that I could shut off and not worry about things.
August/September have always been pretty stressful as it is, what with all 4 in our family with birthdays.
This year, Lilly's birthday was on the first day of school, and she had a friend party.  So in addition to the cupcakes made for the party ( post about that to come), and the first day of school stuff, I had to bring in Birthday treats on the first day of school and then make a cake for her birthday.
We also have an extra baptism (Lilly's) to plan for, and an after baptism luncheon, and a Primary Program, the week after the baptism and a Primary Ice Cream Party the day after the Program.
I'm not even going to go into everything else the rest of the month.
To say I am stressed out would be an understatement.
If I am still alive at the end of September (without an ulcer) it will be a miracle.

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