Friday, August 10, 2012

Family Reunion

I am so awesome that I forgot my phone and camera when we went to our Family Reunion so I've had to rely on the pictures my husband took and darn it all, both my kids rode a horse, but I my husband was AWOL when Lilly was riding so we have no picture of her on the horse.  I'll probably hear about it for the rest of my life too.

 The Family Reunion was held at my uncle Richard's luxurious barn.  Which can hardly be called a barn at all.   Lots of 4 wheeling and and horse riding and eating and visiting and playing.  These pictures are all screwed up and not in the right order but these days I'm just glad I even blogged about it.

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  1. It was so cool to meet you today!! So glad you said hi, and that's too funny about Toph wearing Bronson's floatie on his head. That's my guy, haha:) ps: I loved your bathing suit top, it's super cute!