Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Story of Max's Hair

 I reluctantly agreed to cut Max's beautiful locks.  I'm a sucker for long hair.  But he started getting nasty tangles and I couldn't deal with it anymore.  He's is only pretending to be sad in the picture.  He was thrilled!!!!
He asked for a mohawk.  He'd never had one before.  And being a punk rock girl, I happily agreed.

 Here it is, in all its one foot glory.  I used egg whites- punk rock style.

Here he is pretending to sing Halloween by The Misfits.  His favorite song, cause well, he's awesome.
You should have seen people driving past staring at him.  I'll bet they'd never seen a mohawk of that size in their life, let alone on a 4 year old boy.
Not surprisingly, his hair stunk.  Bad.  And I knew I wasn't up to styling that thing everyday, so I cut about 6 inches off.
Still adorable and only needed gel to hold that baby up.

 I most often styled this length as a curl-hawk as shown below, for church  and stuff.

But when not styled, it looked a lot like a mullet.  A lot.  I had enough.
We buzzed it off.
And he's still adorable.
Don't let the sad look fool you, he LOVES it.  

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