Saturday, August 4, 2012

El Morro

 After the Ice Caves and volcano, we headed back to El Morro.  We debated not going, but I'm glad we did!!!

 First you hike to this little pond where all these Spanish conquistador people and army captains and troops wrote their names on the wall in the 1600's. They wrote their names next to ancient pueblo peoples drawings.

 Weird alligator tree.

 Then you slowly make your way to the top of the rocks.

Up at the top you find some old ruins.

And awesome views
We walked from where this picture is taken all the way around the rim of this canyon to the other side and then back down.  It was a good 2.5 -3 mile hike.

Found a lizard on our way down.  Look how perfectly he is camouflaged.

 Sunset (with filter) on our way home.  
It was a really fun day, with ice caves and El Morro.  I'm sure glad Jarrett's Dad and sister got to come with us!

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