Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Blankets

While we were in Arizona, I went with Jarrett's mom to Ace Hardware.   We went there to get some tissue paper for Jarrett's mom to trace a pattern piece on it.  They sell fabric at Ace Hardware in Ft. Defiance.  It's a small town.   So we were looking around at the fabric and we saw some Batman fabric and some Hello Kitty Fabric and SKELANIMALS fabric. So we decided to make blankets for Lilly Max and Paikia.

So back to the Ace Hardware store.  This young boy came to help us with the fabric.  The poor kid.  We had fronts, backs and batting to be cut, for 3 different blankets.  so six different cuts of 2 yards.  He had no fabric background.  Ha ha!  He was cutting so slow!!! I think it took him 45 minutes to cut all that fabric.  Ha ha! Then when he finished the cutting, we asked him where the blanket binding was and he had no idea what we were talking about so Jarrett's mom said "trim."  (They keep all that stuff like lace and bias tape and blanket binding locked up because of theft) so he went to go get us our blanket binding or "trim" if you will.

This is what he brought out.
Hot pink fringe.
We laughed so hard.  
Jarrett's Mom said "We arent' that fancy."
It still makes me laugh.

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