Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time to Retire Ye Old Sheets

 My Mother will most definitely recognize these old sheets.  They were my fathers from college.  They were used in my parent's house in a basement window for years.
When I moved to my own house, my mother gave them to me to use in our house in a basement window.   The kids room.
Lilly LOVED the story of Peter Rabbit more than life itself.  We used to reenact it every. single. day. for months and months and months.  So it only seemed fitting that they be her curtains.  They served us well these past 6 six years (and who knows how many before that????? 30??)
The time was finally right for us to get actual, real curtains.  We opted for the light blocking kind in a lovely shade of green.

And then because I can't pull out a camera in our house without being asked a billion times to "take my picture, take my picture" here are a few of the kids.

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