Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Land of his Inheritance

One of Max's favorite parts of visiting Grandma and Grandpa Begay, is going to Great Grandma's land.  Because, he gets to ride in the back of the truck, on the dirt roads that are bumpy and dusty and Max loves it.  As you can clearly see from the photo.
Everyone loves riding in the back actually.
This photo was taken because Jarrett's hair kept blowing back like this and all the kids kept laughing and Lilly kept saying "Daddy looks handsome, Mom, mom, take a picture of Daddy, he looks handsome."

It's always very fascinating to me to see all of Great Grandma's land.  It is huge.  It has canyons and cliffs and rivers on it.  It's HUGE!!  We always drive around and Jarrett's Dad tells us about the different places his parent's lived ( as well as himself) and where his Dad caught the wild horses and where they farmed and the  hogans and sweat lodges.

The Date above this door says 1931.

Hogan.  I learned on this trip that this is a female hogan.  They had separate male and female.  And there is even male and female sides, in a hogan.

 These last few pictures were actually taken on another trip.  As you can see by the photo below.  Lilly is 2.  She is attempting to enter the sweat lodge. They would typically be covered in dirt.

On this trip, we walked out and over to where Jarrett's Dad, caught the wild horses.  There are ancient hieroglyphics carved into the wall.  It is so strange to be able to walk up to rock carvings and touch them. They seem like they should be in a National Park or something.

 There were a lot of dead horse and cow bones.  We also saw a wolf or coyote or some similar animal off in the distance while we were out.  Jarrett's Dad brought a handgun with us on our hike...just in case.  We stopped in on some relatives of theirs and they mentioned that they had killed several wolves in the last week or so.  They still raise sheep and as everyone knows, wolves and sheep don't mix.

Dry riverbed.  Or wash.  We have found lots of broken pottery down there.

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