Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Little Rock Star

 For quite some time now, Lilly has wanted to be a Rockstar!  Partly I think because of Rockband" and "Guitar Hero."  Partly because her favorite book series character "Babymouse" has a book where she is one, and partly because she's my daughter and I used to pretend when I was little that I was one.  Listening to my dad tapes and records and playing guitar and singing along.  This outfit she's wearing is her "rockstar outfit."  She would wear it everyday if I'd let her.  She's tried believe me.  She put it together herself too.  She's been asking to make a guitar for a while.  Asking for the cardboard anyways. So we dug some out of our garage yesterday and I drew one up and Jarrett cut it out, Lilly colored it, frets and all.  Then Jarrett stapled some rubber bands to it to make the strings.

Isn't she cute!  She totally posed all by herself!

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