Friday, January 20, 2012

Home Tour- Bedroom Addition

 Welcome to my bedroom.  My small, small, bedroom.  We have a California King sized bed, which probably isn't the best choice for such a small room, but I LOVE my big bed.  And we bought it when we  were first married and had much bigger spaces.
The shelf above the bed is a life saver.  It's no longer centered above the bed, because we used to have the bed pushed all the way against the wall.  It is now big enough that you can get out of bed on that side. Excitement I know!  The little decorations on the wall above the pillows are contact paper.  It's kind of a work in progress.

The crocheted pillow was a gift from an older lady in our neighborhood, who gave it to me after my husband did a bunch of work in her yard for her.
The quilt on top is one I made out of all my Dad's old clothes and the other one was a wedding present from my husbands aunt.

The chair over there in corner, is mostly there because there is no room for it anywhere else in the house and I can't part with it.  My mother bought for me when I had Lilly.

That door there in the picture below is our closet.  HUGE I know!

The door on the left is the entry/exit door and the door on the right is the closet and has a hanging mirror on the inside.

We had to be creative, with such a small closet.  It was very tall, so we took advantage.  We also use the closet in the office for space.

Also for all my shoes, we had to be creative with the space.

This side hosts the TV (Someday we will have a wall mounted one) and the little TV looking thing on the shelf, is a video monitor  so we can see and hear the kiddos.  Also on the shelves, journals, a bursting jewelry cabinet, DTV receiver, an alarm clock and pictures.
That's all folks!  View the other room tours HERE.


  1. So I have an uber tiny house, and bedroom/closet also. It looks about the same. But you know is so cozy and your room looks soooo cozy. I love the color too!

    1. Small rooms are cozy! Plus a small house makes me de-clutter often, which is a good thing! I love the color too! Thanks for your nice comment!

  2. What a fun tour! Yes stargazers, i see some on your wall too?

  3. i love your bedroom and big bed and quilt!