Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Notes like these.......

That make my day!  Not because I'm so great, because heaven knows I'm not.  But I'm trying....and this note confirms that my "trying" is paying off.  It also makes me so proud of Lilly!  She tries so hard!  She just has so much energy and wants to share it with everyone she meets.  EVERYONE.......Her Kindergarten teacher told me in a loving way  "It doesn't matter where I move her.  She just talks to anyone!" One of Lilly's Primary teachers who is a dear friend of mine told me once "I was just like Lilly.  I still am, I have to concentrate so hard NOT to talk." I am the complete opposite.  I have to concentrate so hard TO talk.  Not sure where she got this "Firecracker" personality but she sure is cute and has made me more outgoing because of it.  We were at Target once checking out and Lilly was probably 3 and she said to the cashier, pointing to me "Hi, this is Jennifer."  Ummm....thanks Lilly and "Hi, it's nice to meet you!"

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