Saturday, January 28, 2012

Organizing Photos for Paintings

In response to many people asking me about my photographs that I use for my paintings:
 This idea was not mine, but rather my Grandmother's.  Who taught my father, who taught me.  I'm sure it's nothing new and probably lots of people have done it before.  It's probably not done nowadays  as much, with everything being digital, but never the less here it is.
Find a box that fits the largest size photographs you have.   Make divider tabs and organize your photos.  Soon you'll find that you start taking photos of certain things like rocks, water, streams, trees, barns, mountains etc. so you can fill your box.  Maybe you already have a bunch.  I like having tangible photos rather than having them on a computer.
 This box shown here had cookies in it I believe.  I remember helping my Dad gather and organize these photos.
He used the large size recipe cards with tape at the top to make the divider tabs.  These photos are from my grandmother and Dad.  It's quite a collection.  I had started making my own from a shoe box, but after my father passed away, I inherited his.  I'm in the process of combining them.

 So now when I want to do a painting, I can choose my subject matter, go to that category and pull out photos.

  My father also had a portfolio thing, that he kept  photos from magazines and calendars organized.  It's falling apart now.  I have one of my own too and need to get rid of this one as it is really hanging on by a thread....or rather with crumbling tape.  But I'm having a hard time parting with this one.

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  1. Just seeing your dad's old portfolio floods my mind with memories. I love seeing his handwriting. I have saved items of his just because it has something he wrote on it. Not necessasrily what he wrote but because seeing his handwriting reminds me of him. You have my permission to hang on to it.