Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I'm a little late for this, but I had way too much on my mind and on my do list with Primary, to even think about goals for the next year.  I have great respect for all Primary Presidents.  It's a lot of work!!!

 I did pretty good on my GOALS last year.  I made myself dresses HEREHERE,HERE and, HERE and learned more about fabric along the way.
We got our sidewalk poured, see before and after pics HERE.
I learned how, and made fondant for Max's birthday cake see it HERE.
We put up another side to our fence (one more to go)  see it HERE.
We made some head way on paying off our credit card too.

THIS year's Resolutions are as follows:

1) Church-Family Home Evening every week.  We used to be good at it and we fell off the bandwagon.

2)  Art- Continue painting and  I want to paint a full sheet watercolor painting.  (about 29"X 25")

3) Home-In addition to last years resolution of keeping the front room clean, I want to keep the kitchen clean, and dishes put away or in the dishwasher everyday.  No more dishes sitting in the sink for  2 or 3 days.

4)  Family-More hiking with kids this year and make sure I play with the kids for at least an hour everyday.

5) sewing- I have a few quilts in mind that I want to make this year, but as some of them might be gifts I can't say what they are.

6-Yard- Move the mailbox and possibly put up the last of the fence.

We de-cluttered our basement of toys and the garage of extra bikes and strollers.  It's always hard for me to get rid of stuff.  I've always been  that way.  I get attached to "things".  It's especially hard for me to get rid of things that my grandmother or father gave to me.  Also toys and things of the kids.  I guess it's because I have to accept the fact that they are growing up and are no longer babies.   I guess it's "change" that I don't like.  But I've learned to take pictures just in case I ever want to "see" them.  I'm lame I know, but it's the only way sometimes.  The cab was full too.


  1. I've been totally inspired! Our yard needs SOOO much work. I don't even know where to start, but your yard makes me need to get started :) I love your tall fence! I need something that tall to block our views.

  2. So did we! If it was legal, we would have done a 12 foot tall fence! h ha! I love to garden and work in the yard, it's something I really enjoy :)