Monday, January 23, 2012

Nighttime Snowmen

I had a bunch of notes to deliver tonight to various people and I thought that it would be fun to walk, since it was snowing and it was dark.  I always liked walking in the snow at night and so I thought the kids might like it as well...and I was right.  After we were done delivering, we went into the back yard and made 4 snowmen, one for each member of the family.  The kids were not cooperative at all with the picture taking and wouldn't hold still long enough for me to snap very good pictures.  What you see below is the best of what I did get.
Lilly doesn't look too thrilled.  My kids have mouths that naturally turn down.  So even when they just have a relaxed face,  they get told to "smile" or "why do you look so glum."  Even when they were little, little, I'd get comments like, "that's a sad sad face, for such a cute little guy/gal" even though she was perfectly happy.  My husband has the same mouth and gets told often that he looks angry.  Apparently if you have a mouth that naturally turns down, you have to always smile or be told you are rude and angry.

 We had a fun night together.


  1. Adorable. I wish I was able to have fun like this with my son. The weather here in Indiana is too bizarre. One day it will snow a bunch, then we have ice rain...then it turns to 50+ degrees and thunderstorms...therefore snow is lasting long enough for us to actual ENJOY it. I'm so glad you and your children had a good time. These photos are awesome!

  2. i love dark snowy nights!
    looks like you had fun!