Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Do I Walk?

I get asked that a lot.
I love to walk.   Let me give you MY answers to that question.
-It's therapeutic.  It gives you a chance to think things out, to pray and to get answers.
-It's a chance to escape all the troubles of the world and for that brief moment in time, nothing else matters.
-It makes you slow down and enjoy the beauty of the world and all its details that are missed, when you speed past in a car.
-It gives me time to talk with my children.  When I walk Lilly to school and home again, I purposely leave my phone at home.  That 10-15 minute round trip is sacred.  It's OUR time. There are no other distractions. We've had some pretty serious talks, we've cried and laughed and been silly we've had lectures and we've played games, we practice spelling words and talk about our day.  I cherish those walks with my children.
-Because I never know when the ability to do so, could be taken away.  My father had a pretty serious disease that rendered him, for the most part immobile.  I thank the Lord everyday for my ability to walk and run.
-To save money on gas.
-To save my sanity.  I admit I giggle, like a little child, when we walk nonchalantly through the maze of cars and angry drivers, and honking car horns in that school parking lot and I think to myself "So long Suckers!  I'm getting exercise and I'll beat you home!
-Exercise.   Kid's these days get so little of it as it is.  Lilly has a lot of energy.  Walking or running to school helps release some of it before she has to sit and be still.
- I love to walk.  It's something I enjoy.  I see no reason not to.  I'm an able bodied person, why shouldn't I?

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