Friday, April 27, 2012

School Carnival

Can I just begin by saying that I think I have Enochlophobia.  It's a fear of crowds.  I'm not kidding.  I guess it's not so much a fear of them as it is a hatred of them.  And lines as well.  So as you can guess,  School Carnivals are at the top of my list of fun things to do.  But for fear of making my children like me, I go.  They love it and seeing them so happy makes it worth it.

This last photo has got to be one of my all time favorite photos of Max.  Ever.  I love his cute little feet and that smile just melts my heart.  Thanks Jarrett for taking photos (again) while I'm busy trying to keep my cool in the hoards of people.  The only thing I hate worse than being in crowds of people, is trying to take photos in crowds of people.
I'm trying people.  I'm trying. 

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  1. oh what a wonderful time!!! looks like a great day was had by the whole family!!!