Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Break Part 1

I've always known that once my kids got old enough I wanted to hike a lot with them.  I love hiking and I always enjoyed hiked with my family.  I recently came across a list of different hikes you can go on in Utah Valley click HERE to view it.  I'd like to go on as many of them as we can this year.  With the exception of the Top of Timp which is a bit too strenuous for a 4 year old I think.  One of these days we will make it to the top as a family!  I've hiked it three times I believe.  It's at a good 12 hour hike, but it's beautiful and lots of fun!
Over Spring break we went hiking several times.
The first time was with my sister.  We packed a lunch and ate before we started hiking.

Max and Lilly packed some Easter candy and Max ate a green Laffy Taffy and thought he was pretty clever to spit the thick green goo and slurp it back up before it hits the ground.  I took about 10 pictures before I got this one....but Max was happy to keep spitting over and over again so I could capture it.

Spring hasn't quite sprung yet up that far in the mountains...In fact we only got to hike about halfway before we ran into deep snow and mud.

While we were hiking Amelia picked up this walking stick and carried most of the way, until she carried Max on her back, piggy back style.  Max sure knows how to sweet talk his way into having people do things for him, it's a good thing my sister is a good sport.  Thanks Amelia.

As you can see in the picture below, Lilly is now carrying the stick and as we were walking, she said "Why do people buy things when they could just find or make them? Like walking sticks or slingshots. They probably feel like they wasted their money"  My response was "yes, Lilly you are definitely my child."

The scenery was beautiful and I had fun taking pictures and playing around with Pixlr o matic's (which is an app for your phone) different lenses and layering techniques to come up with these next few pictures.

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