Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Break Part 2

 Jarrett took Thursday and Friday off this week and so we went hiking again.  We wanted to go up to Stewart Falls which is above Sundance, but when we got to the trail head there was 2 feet of snow.  so we went up by where Jarrett and I were married.

 Proof that i was there.

I would love to live in that house.  I've always liked it, since I was a little girl.

A storm was  brewing.  We hike up until the last second.  We turned around a few minutes after we heard the thunder.  We ran all the way back down and just as we were getting into the car, the snowflakes started falling.

I've always wondered who lives in that remote house....Lucky.

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  1. Jenn-
    Thank you SO much for your comment! I totally agree!!! People are so nosey! I don't get it. Like you, I have a good friend from high school who still lives in Utah and her and her husband aren't having kids. They don't want any, they have dogs. Who am I to judge? I hate dogs. I'm not. It doesn't matter what people choose to do! I so good for you for knowing how many kids is right for your family and sticking to it!!! Thanks again for your nice comment:) I really do appreciate them!!! Shannon