Sunday, September 2, 2012

Friend Birthday Party

 See all those preparations.  Not to mention the hours of stress and sleepless night getting ready for this party.  The party started at 10am.
This photo was taken at about 10:15
 About 10:20 one person showed up!!!!
Luckily it was Lilly's best friend.

 We melted crayons on rocks

 Played Pin the tail on Emily's cat.

Ate cat cupcakes (minus the ears, cause I forgot to put them on.)

Opened presents

 We let her open one early cause we felt sorry for her cause she was so sad that no one came to her party.
 Played on the swing set

 Tried out the party favors

 Pulled each other in the wagon

 And that was it.  
She kept asking the whole time why none of the other girls came to her party.
Harsh reality.
Then, the book we got her, that she got to open early, had the spine break and all the pages fell out.  
She was one. Sad. Girl.
To be continued..........................


  1. Oh how sad. I am so sorry. That happened to Emma once but she was too little to be hurt by it. Sorry Lilly.

  2. Bummer. I hate it when things our of your hands break your kid's heart! It's so sad! Cute party though!