Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lilly's 8th Birthday

 As usual, Jarrett and I were busy the night before decorating for the Birthday Girl.

Lilly has never had an "in-school" birthday before.  This was a first.  So I wanted to make it extra special.  So without her knowing, I wrapped all her lunch.....

And packed it away, without her knowing it.  I wanted to put a cute note or a card in her lunch and I completely forgot.  I've been doing that a lot lately.  The stress is getting to me.
I'm not kidding either.

First day of school (3rd grade)
I can hardly believe it.
She looks so grown up.

Lilly made me take this "walking" photo of her.
I think was in first grade that I took a photo of her mid-step on the first day of school and she's made me take a mid-step photo ever since.

Then in the middle of the day I got to take gift bags in for Lilly's Birthday.  Go me!!

Then later that night, we had a family party.
When I asked her later what her favorite present of all was, she said it was the "Holy Bible" she got from her Grandma.

Traditional Pin the Tail

Emily the Strange cat birthday cake

Yes we sang and she blew out her candles in a "bloody rag" that came with her Zombie- survival kit from Aunty Shaunie and Uncle Jake.

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