Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trafalga Birthday Trip

The day before Lilly's Birthday, we went to Trafalga as a family.  I knew things would be too hectic on her birthday (with it being the first day of school an all) so we went the night before.  There was no body there and we did everything there, at least once.  Lazer Tag, mini golf, rock climbing, The outdoor Frog Hopper thing (3 times), go Karts, airplane ride, pirate boat, we did it all.

 Both kids can climb all the way to the top now!!!
Last year, Lilly wanted to go Rock Climbing for her Birthday, but broke her arm a few days before her Birthday, so that didn't happen.
She's made up for it this year.  With our Pass of All Passes we've gone and rock climbed a dozen times.

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  1. Looks like fun! I just saw your post about Lilly's friend party. Poor girl! I'm so glad that friend showed up. That's one of my big fears for my girls! I hope she had a great b-day anyway :)