Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lilly's Baptism

 This first one was before we went in.
I love all of our fake smiles.  A lot.
(sarcasm was laid on real thick there)

 Lilly with her Baptismal jumpsuit

 Aunty Pai

 Great Grandma and Grandpa
I really should have cropped this one.

 I just want to say that before we left our house I mentioned to Jarrett that he could bring his own temple clothes to wear.  Just for the record.
Apparently it went from us, thinking we would be the only ones there, to 6 baptisms and we weren't even on the list.
Which meant, no suit for Jarrett.
Except for this 1960's beauty!!!
I almost died laughing.
Look at the next picture.
Whenever I'm feeling down, I'm going to look at this picture.

 So the didn't have us down as being there so we got a room with no piano.
The high council room.
Which doesn't really surprise me.
I've stopped being shocked at the many disappointments that happen to me.
It was actually pretty nice to have everyone sitting in a circle and being able to see everyone.
We were also the first ones in the font!!! 
We didn't have to wait at all.

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