Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jarrett's Birthday

Jarrett got out his old skateboard and skated around and I took photos.  Skateboarding was a pretty big part of his life at one time.    When we were first dating we would go skateboard around at night, in empty parking lots.  I had started getting into skateboarding about a year before I met Jarrett, so I'm pretty sure I impressed with my skating abilities.  Ha ha!  Not really, I could skate around and get up and off curbs but that's about it.  Jarrett will try and tell you he was never any good, but he's just being modest.  He was REALLY good.
I love to see him skate and wish he would do it more often.  Hint , hint.

Lilly and Max rode around on their bikes.

Jarrett invited some friends over and also some family and we had pies.  I made strawberry, peach, blackberry and chocolate.

Sadly I am horrible at taking pictures when we have family and friends over so all the pictures are ones Jarrett took.  We had 15  people over but never did get a shot of everyone.

Ha ha!  This really isn't a good picture.

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