Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Make a Zombie Pinata

First of all I'd just like to say, I'm not an expert on making pinatas.
Second, give yourself at least 4 days, I made mine in 3 and it was cutting it close.  
Third, this was just about the funnest pinata to make EVER!!!

Ok to get started, I  taped a balloon to the top of a cereal box to get the basic shape of a head and torso.
I wish I would have chosen a more "head like" shaped balloon.
One that isn't so round.  If that makes sense.

Second mix up some paper mache paste.  
1 Part Flour to 2 Parts water
so 1 cup flour 
2 cups water
I also added some salt maybe a teaspoon, I heard it helps keep it from mold.
I just added it for good luck!
Mix it up with a whisk or fork.
Rip up newspaper into strips and dip them in the paper mache paste and lay them on the balloon and box until there is maybe 2 layers and then let it dry.  
Takes about 24 hours.

Next I came in an layered on another layer of newspaper, this time make eye nose, mouth and ears.
I just took my strip of newspaper and ripped a hole in each piece and when I laid it down, I shaped it to look like an eye hole.
The nose I just kind of bunched up the newspaper and the mouth I did the same way as the eyes.
Ears the same as the nose, just kind of bunched up the newspaper and place it in a "c" shape and then covered it with a flat strip of newspaper so the "bunchiness" wasn't as noticeable.
This doesn't have to be perfect, it's a zombie for goodness sake, the weirder the better right?

Let this dry.
Repeat a third time.

The last layers I added a ton of newspaper around its neck.  At  one point I took a wad of newspaper, dipped it in the paste and wrapped it around its neck like a....neck brace!! Then added a flat piece over the neck and up onto the face and down onto the body to "hide" the bunched up newspaper.

Lastly paint it. 

Place your candy or goodies inside the box, fold in the flaps and tape it up.
This would have looked better with a black duct tape or something not so noticeable.

Once the head came off we tied it up by its torso and the fun continued.

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