Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Just been thinking about a few things about Max that I wanted to be recorded.
1) This is my last year with him.  I will miss him.  I'm so glad I have this extra year with him.
2) He gets out of the car and runs to open my car door and when I asked him why he said "Cause that's what boys do."
3)He is a lot like me, he can spend hours outside by himself.  Riding his scooter or bike.  I used to do that.   I like to be alone.  It doesn't bother me.  Lilly never did or does that now.  She like people.  She likes to be surrounded by people.  Max is like me.  Prefers to be alone.
4) He uses big word.  I love it.  It sounds so cute with his lisp.  Which we are still working on :)  Speech therapy once a week.
5) He is so tall!!  He has been mistaken for a first grader.  Nope he's only 4.
6)  He LOVES Hallowen.  He spends all his money on Halloween stuff.  He's having a Zombie party for his Birthday.  No, I did not suggest it.  In fact I already bought all the stuff to have a Monster Truck Birthday Party and then a couple weeks ago he informed me that he wanted a zombie party.

That's all, for now.  I sure do love this sweetheart of a boy I have!!!

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