Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lilly's Pre-Baptism Pictures

I should definitely NOT be awake right now.  A Thunderstorm woke me.  I ran outside with a flashlight to turn off the sprinkler system...pretty much the scariest thing I've done today...yet.  I haven't spoken at Lilly's Baptism yet or bawled like a baby in front of my entire family while giving before said talk.
But enough about me.  Here's Lilly:
 I made Lilly's dress from an old bed sheet.  I LOVE the faint stripes in it.  It's made of super soft material and is (well looks) super comfortable.
Things have been VERY (beyond) stressful around here lately and this dress took a record number of days to complete.  I'm not even going to say.  It was a super easy pattern and Lilly opted for it be plain. She didn't want any of the ruffle or bow options shown on the pattern.  And I think for a Baptism dress it works wonderfully.

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