Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Day in Pictures

8am.  Look at that hair!

 Yes I'm geeky.  I draw "to scale" room models with furniture so I can figure out how to arrange a room.  I've done it  ever since I was little  (10 or 12 years old )with my bedroom.  This one is of our office.  





 Lilly drew up, and made a robot.  ( Complete with guns and lasers...and a bunch of Max's ridings toys all stacked on top each other. ) When I came down to take a picture of her "made" robot she had already dissembled it and was not happy that she had, since I had my camera.  She was crying and held her picture up in front of her face.  Poor thing.

 All day long
                       Yep!  A whole lot of nothing.  Sometimes it's nice to do that.

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