Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recycled Outfit

So I've had this plain gray shirt (size Large) sitting around for years.  Years I tell you!  Like at least 8 or 9.  I've never known quite what to do with it.  The one good thing about being a hoarder (I'm  kidding.....sort of) is you don't throw things away because you MIGHT need it someday.  Well someday came today for an old but never been worn gray shirt and the pant legs off of a pair of mine or my husbands old pants. (It's seriously been too long to remember.)  I made Max a pair of shorts with the pant legs and re-sized the shirt to a 5T.  Here's how:

1) First I traced around one of Max's shirts.  I traced it onto some paper that's meant for covering up  paintings  or drawings done with charcoal and/or pencil in art to protect them.  But I also use it for patterns and all kinds of things.  It comes in BIG rolls at art supply stores.  I laid the pattern on top of the shirt so that I could use the existing neck hole and shoulder seams.

 2) I cut the shirt out and then cut the sleeves off the big shirt and then measured the sleeves on the little shirt and took the extra off where the seam meets in the shoulder.  Thus leaving the hemmed part intact.

 3) Next, I wanted to make Max a Monster Truck shirt of his favorite Monster Truck, Grave Digger.  So I drew it on with Fabric Markers and Puffy Paint before I sewed the shirt up.

 4) I'm really bad at these tutorials because I have no pictures of the last steps.  I sewed the sleeves onto the body of the shirt and then sewed from the hemmed part of the sleeve, all the way down the sides, to the bottom of the shirt.   And  then hemmed up the bottom.

Here are the shorts I made for him out of the pant legs of the before mentioned old pair of pants.  I just used the same pattern I did for the Elastic band shorts.

 Hope he likes it!

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