Sunday, November 21, 2010

Art Lessons

As I was painting more Christmas cards today, Lilly wanted to paint too, so I thought that I would give her a watercolor lesson.  So I painted, she watched and then painted her own.  All on her own.  I didn't do one brush stroke.  What do you think?  Pretty good for a 6 year old. 

 I've been asked many times before by co workers and friends if I would teach their children how to paint and I've never felt like I would know how to do it, but now that Lilly is at an age where I can  teach her, it's helped me understand a child's mind and what they are capable of and how to teach them. Not that I'm looking to do that, but at least now I feel like I COULD if I wanted to.

Here is a painting that Max did a few days ago.

I'm so grateful and blessed to have an 'art and crafts' room to devote to arts and crafts.  I like being able to just leave things out and accessible for the kids, (to some degree anyways) so they can go and create something whenever they get the urge to.  I feel that it helps their creativity and cuts back the amount of time they spend on the computer and watching TV.

Here's to more creating!!!!

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  1. Great job Lilly!!! I am VERY impressed. Let me know when you feel like teaching children, because I'm not artsy but I have an 8 yr old who loves it. ;D